5 Days Until Italy!

12:17 PM

Which means I am an even bigger mess of stress right now.
I probably shouldn't be stressed.  I have friends who have done it before, and they were fine!
I just can't help it.  Damn anxiety...
I'm in this surreal shock... Kind of like...
source: Reality TVGIFs
Anyways, in order to preoccupy my thoughts, I've been working on a week long post that will keep track of the best parts of my days.
Keep in mind I'm sitting at home on my butt waiting to go to another country.
So none of this is actually all that exciting...
But I believe the little things in life are just as amazing as the big ones.
So these were this week's "little things".
Monday: Breakfast for dinner, a letter from my army sister, and a new bracelet!
Oh, and I launched a Facebook page for my blog!  Feel free to like it!
The bracelet is from Juicy Dealz.  The letter has picture of my army sister as my number one fan of my blog, which she confessed to me a couple of days ago!  Such a sweetheart! That third picture is my profile picture for my blog's Facebook page!
Tuesday: A watermelon donut and a Pinterest meal that I cooked!
With mom's help, of course.
It was a layer of corn tortillas, a layer of chicken, and a layer of a mix of cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, rotel, black beans, and corn.  It was pretty good!  Next time we're going to nix the corn tortillas, shred the chicken and season it, and eat it with tortilla chips.
Wednesday: A dress from Pink Rust came in the mail, and cheeseburger pie!
And my necklace from Curated by Kelly came to my apartment in Chapel Hill!
Thursday: My dress from Mindy Mae's came in.  So did my other bracelet from Store Envy!  AND one of my textbooks.  
And a mystery package came into Chapel Hill... Hmmm.  Plus a night of bowling and pizza with the guys.
Sorry, I cheated.  A preview of the dress and dinner from Wednesday are pictured in the first two.  A preview of the dress and my new bracelet are pictured in the last photo!  Don't worry!  All of my dresses and jewelry will be pictured soon.
Overall, I've had a fantastic week.  It was relaxing and it was just what I needed before my study abroad program officially starts.  Lots of yummy food, great company, and presents to myself.
As for today?

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  1. Wow, that's so awesome you're going to Italy! I love finding other girls who live in NC (even just for most of the year! ;) ) Can't wait to read more!