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Hey y'all!  This weekend is going to be full of orientation for my study abroad program!  Luckily I had the lovely Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange agree to do a guest post.  She is such a fantastic woman!  She's lovely, she always has such kind things to say, and she's a great writer!  I am so happy to have her guest posting for me since she is the mastermind behind one of my favorite blogs!  Enjoy!
Howdy, you Life is But a Stream readers! I know that I am not nearly as awesome as Samantha, but since she is off gallivanting around freaking ITALY, I will have to do. Hate to disappoint you so. I normally write over here at A Beautiful Exchange. I am a 20 year old mom that writes about whatever she feels like it. I don't have a "blogger niche," so just deal. As you can read here and here, my lovely days in college were cut short. SO in memory of those great days, I thought I would remind you people that are currently still in your undergrad years, why college is so awesome.

You can sleep in. 8am class? No problem. Just skip that mess. Mom isn't yelling up the stairs for you to get out of bed and they serve breakfast until at least 10 in the caf. Just keep in mind that you should never be that bum that emails the class like every day claiming some "family emergency" to get notes. Everyone hates that person. If you're gonna skip, skip.

Sporting events. My college was super lame and didn't have a football team. Why I ever decided on a college without one is just beyond me. What was I thinking? Luckily, I had a boyfriend that went to the school that I had been cheering for my whole life. The same school that Samantha now attends. That's right. UNC. Tarheel born, Tarheel bred. We enjoyed lots of UNC sporting events and I was able to get in to most of them for free because of "my" OneCard. Oops.

Cancellations and breaks. Sure, you might still feel the need to pray for a snow day every once in a while, but professors don't need inclement weather as an excuse for canceling class. Isn't it awesome when you get that bum of a professor that cancels class the day before a big break because they have a "doctor's appointment." We all know they are just as excited about their vacation as you are, but the best part is that it doesn't matter! Speaking of taking breaks, high school gave you summer break, 1 week for Christmas, and 1 week in the spring. Lame. Prepare yourself for full on laziness come December because once those finals are over, it's time to bounce!

The freedom. Duh. You are away from your parents and the adults that are consistently in your life don't care what you are doing. Want to stay up until 5am eating chocolate and crying over sappy romance movies? Go for it. Want to fail a class? Go for it! Mom and Dad might jump on you for your bad habits every once in a while, but let's face it. You are an adult, but without all of the major responsibilities  Live it up, because in four years, you will run smack into the real world like a brick wall.

Ok, so I promise I was a good student in college. Really! Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life, but someone was seriously wrong! If you liked chilling with me today, make sure you head over to my blog! You can also follow me on Twitter, Instaram, and Bloglovin'! I promise I won't encourage you to fail classes and sleep all day.
Seriously, go follow her!  And enter the Summer Accessory Giveaway!
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