The Flight to Rome

6:28 AM

6:27am at home, 12:27pm here.
Remember that one time that I reserved a taxi ride days in advance to make sure that it came on time?  Well it didn't come on time.  Thank God my roommate was leaving to go to Florida today and had a friend picking her up around the same time.  I hitched a ride with them.  Can you imagine if I didn't?!  So note to self and to any other Chapel Hill readers: do not ever call Chapel Hill Taxi.  I hate them for nearly making me burst into tears at 8:00am after only getting four-ish hours of sleep.
Once I got to the airport, everything went smoothly.  I checked in at the American Airlines kiosk and checked my bag in in less than five minutes.  I was very impressed!  I did make one rookie mistake: I didn't put a tag on my luggage.  What in the hell was I thinking?!  At least it's not just plain and black, in case something were to happen to it.  Going through security was also quick and easy.  I was done with that in less than five minutes as well!  Which is all great!  Except then I had such a long time to wait at my gate for my flight.  I get all of my stuff packed up and ready to go, just to realize that there's not even a plane outside.  Oh... Okay...  Don't worry, it finally showed up only 10 minutes after I was supposed to board.
The flight from RDU in Raleigh, North Carolina, to JFK in New York, New York, was quick!  Only an hour and ten minutes!  Just enough to write a quick entry in my travel journal and think of three great blog ideas that I'm excited to use at some point when I come home!  But then there was the flight from JFK to Rome.  I honestly just hated it.  I was lonely and bored.  Oh, and I self-diagnosed myself months ago with restless leg syndrome.  If I didn't actually have it then, I feel like I do now!  Even after getting off the plane, my legs still just ache.  And then there was the grown woman behind me who kept kicking my seat.  It's nice to finally be in Rome, just so I can be done with the airports for a few weeks.  My airport is lovely and my apartment-mates are all so friendly.  Pictures are coming soon for sure!
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  1. Yay! You're there!!! The long flights like that are always rough, but the destination is what matters :)