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Hey y'all!  I've been so busy and haven't had internet access, hence the lack of posts!  I will have a few up and ready for reading within the next couple of days!  Paige, the Sticky Note Addict, is amazing and has done a guest post for me!  She is such an amazing girl, and she is also a fellow Tar Heel!  I think you'll love her and her blog just as much as I do!  Enjoy!

Hi, everyone! I’m Paige, the head addict over at The Sticky Note Addict.

I’m an organization-obsessed college student at UNC Chapel Hill, and you’ll find me blogging organization and cleaning tips, fashion favorites, gadgets/purses/shoes/anything I’m lusting for, and inspiration and advice. You’ll also wander across a few posts about my my hee-larious companion Bradley and absolutely adorable corg-sicle Gatsby.

First, I want to offer some big ole thanks to sweet Samantha for offering up a guest post on her lovely blog, and I know she’s having way more fun than me in Rome right now! After all, I’m guest posting about cleaning and she’s gallivanting in Europe. She wins. Big time.

Now, on with my list!

If you’ve seen me in the blogosphere before, you know that I love, love, love organization and cleaning. My house/dorm/apartment/wherever I happen to be living is usually my holy place of perfect organization and cleanliness. Except that the house I’m living in right now is a pigsty, but only because I work so much and Gatsby is pretty much a terror.

Sometimes though, when I need a little therapy, I will really dig in and start cleaning everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe when I’m in a funk, so I’ve got a little bit of a list for all of y’all — in order to tackle some of those easily neglected but incredibly messy parts of your home during these steamy summer months!

None of the tasks on my list are too time-consuming to ruin a day at the pool — tackle one or two tasks at a time, and spend the rest of your day lounging in the sun or, more likely as of late, shaking out your umbrella.

- Empty all of the drawers, bookshelves, closets, etc.
- Wash all of the linens, even the ones you keep in storage.
- Wipe down all of the furniture, inside and out, and vacuum or mop the floors. Eliminate all of the dust!
- Before putting anything back where it came from, sort through everything and decide what you will keep, what you will get rid of, and what you need to find a better spot for.

- Completely empty the entire closet.
- Wipe down any furniture or storage inside the closet, and clean the floors.
- Go through each and every item and decide why you’re keeping it. If you don’t have a good reason, get rid of it. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it!
- Don’t leave any items you plan to give away in your closet — they’ll never actually leave!

- Sort through every file on your computer: delete all old, unnecessary files; rename files that cannot be easily found; delete old photos.
- Back up files/photos/etc. onto a backup harddrive or a zip drive.
- Delete old programs and update software.
- Delete old bookmarks.
- Clear your cookies, history, etc.

- Throw out all of the trash, all of the things you thought you would need but never actually used, etc.
- Create an emergency kit for all of the things you could possibly need; don’t keep junk in here, just important stuff, and store it in the trunk or the back seat.
- Sort through your glovebox — this isn’t a place for useless crap, only important papers and things you might need!
- Vacuum the carpet and all of the nooks and crannies.
- Wipe down the dashboard, doors, etc.
- Wash that thang. I would invest in a deluxe wash at your local car wash, but a handful of kids fundraising for who knows what works just fine too!

And that is it, y’all! If you’re anything like me, by this part of the summer everything around you is totally disorganized and filthy... but I hope I’ve helped a little in your effort to clean it up!

Now go say hello to Paige!!
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