My Week of Confessions [6]

9:27 AM

Hello everyone!  It's another Week of Confessions in Italy!  So stay a while, read my confessions, and make a confession or two yourself!  You haven't linked up with Paige and I before?  Let me give you the quick rundown.
1. Follow Paige at The Sticky Note Addict on GFC or Bloglovin.
2. Follow me on GFC or Bloglovin.
3. Add the cute little button made my paige.
4. Link up with us (the link is at the bottom of this post).
5. Confess!
Now on to my confessions...
I confess that I haven't been inside the Colosseum yet.
I confess that I haven't seen the Trevi Fountain (or any fountain) since I've been here.
I confess that I have eaten my weight in gelato.
I confess that I am finally getting over my culture shock.  I still miss everyone though.
I confess that I will probably be buying a very exciting, blog-worthy accessory soon.  ( I don't want to ruin the surprise).
I confess that the best pizza I've had was the kind that they make early, heat up, and only charge 3 euro for.
I confess that I will be going to brunch as soon as I get home.  I need hashbrowns.
I confess that I wish I had some Starbucks.
I confess that I am about to do some serious tourism.
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