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Have you ever visited a place and thought, "Wow, I could totally live here for the rest of my life!"  That has happened to me twice.  Once when I visited Washington DC, and on Saturday when I visited Venice.  I was absolutely enchanted with this beautiful city, and I found myself wandering around with the curiosity of a young child.  I was mesmerized by the glistening waters and the lack of streets, and I was simultaneously creeped the hell out and obsessed with the ornate masks all around the city.
We rode the water bus.  We took a gondola ride through the small canals throughout Venice.  We bought masks.  I chugged liters and liters of water.  I ate a wonderful cookie.  We purchased beautiful scarves. We saw Piazza San Marco, the church of St. Mark, and St. Mark's Clocktower.  We took pictures on and from the Ponte Rialto. 
Enjoy this jumble of photos and be jealous of my wonderful trip to Venice.  Just do that now because once you read about my trip to Florence you will not be jealous AT ALL...
Goodbye Venezia ):
Ponte Rialto
Ellyn!  Love her!
The Bridge of Sighs
Masks were everywhere!
Ponte Rialto
One of the buildings along the main canal

The church of Saint Mark
The clocktower in Piazza San Marco
One of the buildings along the main canal
There are these little locks everywhere.  It's like a mini version of the key bridge in Paris.
Docks instead of parking lots.
Casual gondola ride

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  1. Love your photos, brings back memories! :)
    But OH NO, you had a bad time in Florence!?? That breaks my heart :(