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So after our few hours in Venice, three of us ventured onto Florence!  We were already exhausted and starving as we got onto the train.  As soon as we arrived in Florence we realized that we had no clue where to go.  So we did the American thing to do and stopped at McDonalds because we just knew they had free WiFi.  We were wrong and the food was shitty.  Sorry, I said it.  So after finally figuring out how to get to our Bed and Breakfast, we got there to find out that the owner left and refused to come back to let us in.  When we called to ask about the room, they told us that it was too bad and we had to find somewhere else to stay.
Oh wait!  Before getting to the B&B we stumbled upon the Duomo.  I think my jaw literally dropped.
So anyways... when we were standing outside reevaluating our lives in front of the B&B, some students from John Cabot walked by and suggested that we go to this little Irish pub down the street.  Free WiFi and a good drink would help us fix these issues, right?  Wrong.  Because one drink turned into two and two drinks turned into shots.  Our creepy bartender kept making us drinks, so we figured why not?  Oh, because he was creepy.  As our night went on, we just kept making bad decisions.  Eventually it ended with us running the hell away from the bar without paying for the alcohol we just consumed.  Oops.  It was completely justified, I just don't want to talk about it.  We ran around Florence until we found a hotel that would let us in at 4:30am.
When we woke up the next morning, it was more like we rose from the freakin' dead.  Not a cute look.  We basically went and saw the Duomo again, then went to see the fake David.  Sadly, we didn't wake up early enough to see the real one.  That's alright though, I just wanted to get back to Rome!  We were running off of no sleep, empty stomachs, and dehydration.
So basically Florence was the trip that was never meant to be, and alcohol is the devil.  Jk, but sometimes it is.  Oh wait my parents are going to read this.  What is alcohol?  Also, Florence didn't really strike me as amazing.  People kept telling me to go there because it was their favorite place, but it just didn't have the same charm as Venice or history as Rome.  It was a lovely place for sure, but I just didn't love it.

What up, fake David.

Creepy guy.  I'm pretty sure he was on hardcore drugs.
Another creepy guy who was hopefully on drugs...

Charming little bridge!
We were so excited to come here.  Until we realized that we had to leave...  Not going in here was my biggest regret.

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  1. I love Florence, it's such a pretty city! Great pics!
    Laura xx