My Life is a Mess

9:00 AM

Between recruitment practice, classes, work, and class work I have no time anymore. I'm so afraid my social life and my blog are going to suffer because of the extreme workload my classes are going to cause. I know I'm complaining after just two days, but I'm going through a bit of anxiety. Just go with it. Seriously, my Tuesday and Thursday schedule sucks. I did it to myself and plenty of other people are doing the same thing and I feel bad about complaining, but I just have to do it. Last night I was actually so tired and frustrated that this happened.

Is this a sign I should drop out and go back to Hooters? Because I totally will. Good Lord, I hope this isn't a preview of the semester. Someone say a prayer for me. And text or email me. Please please please help me survive my Thursday.

I'll be at rush practice from 6pm until 10pm as well. Being back at school sucks.

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  1. I am so sorry that you have such a hard time in school, but don't give up, you can do it !

  2. Let's just go back to Rome. Everything is okay there! We'll live in the Pantheon, bathe in the Trevi and exercise in the Colosseum.