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There is no sport I love more than baseball.  It's what I was brought up on, and it's the most relaxed spectator sport out there.  You have to pay attention to hockey, football, and basketball to understand what's going on.  But not baseball.  You can eat hot dogs and drink cherry coke and interact with the people around you without wondering where the hell the puck went.  I was pretty excited to go to the Normal Cornbelters game on Friday, even though the name made me giggle.  Illinois loves its corn.  I was happy and surprised to see that this baseball field was a lot nicer than the one in Fayetteville.  Not sure why that surprised me, but it did.
There were a ton of promotions going on tonight including free corn for the first 811 people, free pails for the first 1,000 people, and a free hot dog and drink for people who are fans of the Normal Cornbelters on Facebook.  Oh, and it was also Fireworks Friday, Salute to Military, and there was a Star Wars theme.
There were a couple of homeruns, plenty of foul balls, and interesting choices in music.  I ate tons of bad-for-me food and danced around to said music.  The Cornbelters won the game, and then the fireworks began!  I took a ton of pictures since I didn't see any fireworks this fourth of July.
What is your favorite part of baseball games?
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  1. HUGE BASEBALL FAN! I love to go watch the Huskers play! We're pretty big on our corn here too, but I've never been offered corn at a game.. I might need to talk to someone about that!

    Great Post!