Hello, October

12:46 AM

Time to list the ish I want to do in October!

1. Halloween on Franklin Street. 
2. Blackout game against Miami.
3. Get my next tattoo.
4. Pumpkin patch and corn maze.
5. Get an A or B on every assignment this month.
6. Begin a workout plan. 
7. Start tanning again. It's probably not really good for seasonal affective disorder. And I probably don't even actually have that. But it solves my issues anyways.
8. New boots. Mine are falling apart.
9. Send out my Cara box!
10. Begin Christmas shopping.
11. Figure out which classes I want next semester.
12. Volunteer with Helping Paws.
13. Read for each class.
14. Bake a fall-related dessert. Or two.
15. Purchase my favorite Keurig coffee.
16. Take fall pictures by the Old Well.
17. Jump into a pile of leaves.
18. Paint a canvas or two for the living room.
19. Go through my clothing and get rid of stuff I don't wear.
20. ...of course I can't think of a 20. But I also like multiples of 5. Sorry, 19.

I'm sure this list will grow, but for now this is what I've got.

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