Hot Damn, Kappa Gam!

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Before I even say anything else... THANK GOD RECRUITMENT IS OVER!  It's a lot of fun and I really enjoyed every minute some of it, but it's tiring and stressful.  Not just for the potential new members (PNMs), but also for the sisters who are already initiated.  There are two great things about the end of recruitment: new members and I get to blog about it.
Round 1: Open House
During round 1, every PNM visits every Panhellenic sorority house on campus.  So that's about 700 women going to 10 houses.  Today has the most energy, and it's really all about first impressions.  A PNM might talk to as little as two sisters or as many as five depending on the house.  The houses all perform a little song and dance that showcases the parts of their sorority they're most proud of.  I remember loving all of the themes when I went through recruitment.  The first round at Kappa Kappa Gamma features a rave theme.

Round 2: Skit
Day 2 is a lot of fun for PNMs and sisters as well, because there is a fun skit during the round.  This year we decided to try something new and unveiled our new Cruising with Kappa theme!  The skit was hilarious and featured jokes about Kim K and Amanda Bynes.  There were plenty of cheesy moments that made me smile, and of course there was a rap.  Because we're Kappas and that's how we roll.  I wish I had more pictures from this day!

Round 3: House Tours
The theme for round 3 is Blue & Blue.  These are Kappa's colors, but it also works with UNC's colors as well!  The PNMs came to up to 5 houses and received a tour of each house, as well as information about philanthropy.  Everything looked so beautiful, and I loved seeing all of the Kappa/Tar Heel spirit!  There were snacks laid out all over the house for the PNMs, and I couldn't help but want to steal all of it!

Round 4: Pref Night
Round 4, preference night, takes a more serious tone than the previous nights.  This night is really about the PNMs finding where they feel they truly belong.  Between the lack of sleep and the tense emotions, there are some tears.  But don't worry, there are plenty of smiles and giggles as sisters reminisce when a PNM says, "So why did you want to go Kappa?"  This night is my favorite because at this point you are talking to young women who really might be your future sister or even little.

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  1. Love it! I am glad recruitment week went well :)