Potential Halloween Costumes (Guest Post by Rachel)

8:00 AM

Y'all... I'm so excited to have Rachel guest posting today.  Because she's talking about one of my favorite parts of fall.  HALLOWEEN!  And yes, you're going to see tons of fall posts now that it's officially autumn!  Rachel has some great Halloween costume ideas.  They're creative, quick, and simple.  P.S. I have to work at 8:30am on the Friday after Halloween....  Carry on.

Potential Halloween Costumes?
You're thinking to yourself, this girl is kidding herself right?
Like it just became the start of fall and now I'm already worrying about October 31st? It's on a thursday. Plan accordingly. You're welcome ;)

Who is the girl causing you to get into instant panic mode?
Yes. Thats me. Hello. Hey.
Rachel. I'm the sarcasm and brains behind www.sunshineandsinatra.com
I mean I'm sometimes trendy, but I never said I was a fashion blogger ;)
A little about me just to distract entertain you from what you should be doing:
Public Relations Major. Current Sophomore. Pageant lover. Peanut butter eater. 
Dr. Pepper enthusiast. Lover of all striped shirts.

Back to the beloved all Hallows eve. While some of us don't like the super reveling outfits and like to do something fun while still looking like a hot commodity, check out some of my recommendations and side comments that may or may not dis certain outfits. 

1. Sandy (Grease)
So maybe you don't have your Danny Zuko to be your bad man thunderbird dude, but hey if you check out that frat party thursday night, you could be his pink lady! You don't need to spend a bajillion dolla dolla bills ya'll to be this bamf of a lady. Have an american apparel leotard? Or even one from dancing? Top complete. Find some leather leggings, or even regular ones (I bought some at pacsun!), and there is your sassy fittin' pants. Red pumps. Any. Jackets optional because we all know how sweaty frat houses are. Optional: Red Lipstick, hoop earrings, and some curls. Don't have blonde hair? Dont worry. Transformation Thursday the ish out of Sandra Dee.
Fun fact: I'm potentially trying out this outfit this halloween, make sure to check out my halloween outfit on the blog!

2. Pageant princess
This is Hannah Brewer, Miss MD teen USA 2013. This is probably the easiest outfit you could ever come up with. Find a sassy dress, pumps, look super fly, and get a crown and sash. I was Miss USA a few years ago (since I love pageants. See here), and people thought it fit me so well.
NOTE: If you are going to wear a "toddlers and tiara's outfit", please do not converse with me. I think these outfits are a disgrace. Slash....why would ya want to walk around with a pacifier? Ain't nobody got time for that.
How patriotic am I?

3. Walk of Shame
How fitting for you college ladies. No I'm not calling you out. Ummm are you guilty or something? Kidding!!!!! We've at least witnessed this at one point or another on our college campuses. You can either just wear a large shirt and hair up/messy, as well as your make up or go with the I had a slumber party with a manly man who wheres hot button downs aka oh wait he's only a frat-star. You know what I'm saying. Borrow a friends big buttondown shirt, wear short/short-skirt/spandex, and heels. Ya know the look I'm talking about ;) Heck, I even did it in my junior year of high school. Recipe for humiliation and disaster. 

I hope I gave you some solid inspiration and hope for your potential outfits this 31st of october. If not, I hope I graced your presence with my weird-ness and made you realize what you don't want to be for halloween. Want to be a provocative bumble-bee, cat, or mouse? You do you, Glenn Coco.

Rachel out. Catch ya on the flip side. Hope you decide to stop by. If not, follow my shameless selfies on instagram and weird quirky-ness and inspiring quote on twitter

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  1. I love the sandy idea! I never would have thought of that on my own.

  2. Yay! I can't wait to try all these out! What a cool blogger!...Oh wait ;)