The Blogger Behind LST

12:31 AM

That's the acronym I have lovingly given my blog title, because let's face it.  My blog title is really long.  And I want to change it, but not until I'm 100% certain this time!  Anyways, the point of this post is not to rant and rave about the title.  I was thinking the other day that I have quite a few followers.  In fact, between GFC and Bloglovin I have almost 200.  Just a dozen or so short.  So I thought it would be nice to do an introductory post, since my first one was posted before people even knew my blog existed.  Ready for some fun facts?

1. I worked at Hooters as a hostess back when I was seventeen.  I now work as a library assistant.  I like to think of myself as well-rounded.  Don't you?  Also, I'm obsessed with wings.  From any place that isn't Hooters.

2. I took swimming lessons back when I lived in Hawaii.  I can't swim.  Or I'm terrified of water.  I think both.  Probs both.

3. I'm also kind of deathly afraid of bugs and worms.  As in borderline panic attack each time I see one.  The more legs, the worse.  Don't look up house centipedes.  You will see the reason I hate my apartment and my parents' basement more than anything else.

4. I am addicted to cherry coke, tortilla chips and queso, and skittles.  I also kind of love Reese's, Mexican food, Chinese food, any form of cake, and anything that a dietician would NEVER recommend.

5. I have a "big" family.  I'm one of four girls.  My family is my world.  No, none of us look alike.  Yes, we all have the same parents.  My mom just loved (sarcasm) when we used to go out to run errands and people would say the same damn thing every time... "Wow, four girls?! And they're all yours?!"  Nope, stole someone's children off the sidewalk because it's just SO MUCH FUN to drag children along everywhere.

6. My mind actually stops working when I'm around math.  You can't convince me otherwise.  (Don't believe me?  I typed "three" instead of "four" at first in number 5.  I didn't count myself...)

7. Most people change their minds about what they want to do.  You know, from singer to lawyer.  Not from singer to lawyer to architect to the first woman in MLB to veterinarian to NASCAR driver to teacher to Indiana Jones to fashion designer to SAHM to MILF to psychologist...  Currently I'm on the idea of marrying rich.

8.  I love tattoos and piercings.  I have my ears pierced three times, my belly button pierced, and two tattoos.  Don't worry, I will be adding to the collection.  Very soon...

9.  I'm a walking example of bad habits.  I bite my nails, swear, and I probably do other annoying shit as well.

10.  I can't think of a single book or book series that I've finished.  Never read the 13th book in the Series of Unfortunate Events.  Never finished Gossip Girl.  Never read the 7th Harry Potter.  Also, I can't sit around long enough for movies most of the time.  I.  Am.  The.  Worst.  Sorry 'bout it.

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  1. I love your tattoos !
    I also didn't finish a book cycpe. Never. If it's more than 3 books, I mostly stop reading. The same with comic books. I am such a pazy person.
    I also swear. Too much maybe. And I changed my mind about careeres 100 times so far. And now I'm thinking about makeup artist and clothing designes. Bleh. I will probably end up doing something very different

  2. I love your tattoos! So cute! I used to have a lot of ear piercings, but they closed up when I had to take them out to have Eli. :( My tragus was my favorite!

  3. Always fun hearing a few things about the people behind the blog. :) Love the tattoos! I can totally see myself getting another one.

  4. Ahh love your tattoos and I can't get over how you and your sibs look nothing alike! So funny/cool! and math? yeah eff that haha