Coming to Love the Unexpected

12:00 AM

A little over a year ago, I remember feeling so confused as I stood outside Alpha Chi Omega at the University of North Carolina. I anxiously awaited to see just what recruitment was all about, and I was seconds away from a huge surprise. After a series of clapping, screaming, jumping around and chanting all I could think was "That's not what I expected." Luckily, I got used to that just in time for the third of ten houses.

When I came back for round two, I found myself repeating what I said before when I saw that I had been cut from six of ten houses. "Not quite what I expected," I thought as I choked back tears. I felt beyond rejected.

I was dropped from another house, but at rounds three and four I had the same three houses. I liked all of them equally, but I spent so much time listening to other people's opinions that I didn't trust my own. When I went Kappa on the fourth night, I teared up during a ritual they shared with us. The genuine emotions that filled the room took my breath. The beauty of the sisters' voices as they sang gave me chills. Basically, I was a walking cliche. I barely had any words when I left, and I walked silently to the hotel where I would submit my preferences.

The next day was bid day and I was so excited. I eagerly searched for the sorority I thought I was going to be in, and I couldn't wait to run up there to see my new sisters.  I listened closely to their chants and examined their bid day theme, ignoring every other sorority out there. I opened my bid card and tried not to burst into tears. I felt rejected again. My first two choices rejected me. Kappa, however, offered me a bid.  In fact, when I walked up to see all of the sisters they were thrilled to see me.  I seriously wasn't expecting that.

As you can imagine, I haven't expected a lot of things that have happened to me since September 2012. I didn't expect the overwhelming sense of pride and belonging I felt when I walked to my new sorority house for the first time. I never expected to have such a perfect big. I certainly never thought I would wear letter shirts and yoga pants to class at least three times a week. I never knew I would fall in love with the fleur de lis. I grew up always wanting a twin or older sister, and Kappa gave me both.  I also never thought I would find the perfect little, but I was so wrong.

I just never expected to fall in love with Kappa, but somewhere along the way it just sort of happened. I've fallen in love with sitting on the porch swing on a crisp fall day. I love the excitement everyone has when a new social or sisterhood event is announced. I'm obsessed with the fact that anything becomes a "Kappa" thing. Like seeing owls on cupcakes, which are then obviously "Kappa kupcakes." I adore the bond that we all share. Not just the active members, but also every Kappa since it was founded.  I find myself bragging about things I never thought I would brag about, like who I got as my little.  I can't stop thinking about how I'm going to incorporate Kappa into my future, all while reflecting on how Kappa has shaped the person I am right now.  It's such a great feeling to be welcomed home into a place you never knew you belonged, and it's an even better feeling to invite others in as well.  I love it all... the laughs, the tears, the stumbles, and the smiles.  I never expected to be so happy in a sorority, and I certainly never thought it would be Kappa Kappa Gamma.  But I have never been so wrong.

Through Kappa, I have learned to embrace the unexpected. In fact, I welcome it with a huge smile. You never know when you'll actually enjoy it. Hell, you might even come to love it.

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