How to Look Like You Tried (Guest Post by Paige)

9:00 AM

Hey y'all!

My name is Paige, and I blog over at The Sticky Note Addict. Thanks so much to my fellow Tar Heel Samantha for letting me guest post for her today!

I'm a corgi mom and a sophomore in college — and that pretty much sums up me. I'm a huge organization nerd and I love all things cute. I'm studying journalism and maybe also communication studies and maybe also creative writing and maybe also political science. I also love watching Netflix, listening to country music and spending basically every waking hour at the DTH office with my newspaper loves.

I don't know. I just want to be Rory Gilmore one day.

But college is hard.

It's really hard. 

And the hardest part, nine times out of ten, is pulling yourself out of bed, throwing on clean clothes you haven't slept in yet this week, and making it out the door of your apartment/dorm. 

But I have an easy formula for all of you who can't ever seem to wake up before noon (or even after noon, if you're anything like me). 

leggings // chambray top

Chambray and leggings. Winter, summer, fall, spring. Hot, cold, rainy, dry, humid, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, hail, snow, sleet, ice.

I promise you, it'll never stop working.

Oh, it's raining? 

Hunter boots and a rain coat!

Oh, it's a little chilly?

A vest and super cute riding boots!

Can't say I didn't tell you so!

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