Blogger Christmas Wishlist

9:00 AM

I don't have separate wishlists for Christmas.  In fact, the only wishlist I really have is a keyboard for my iPad.  Maybe a couple of comfy sweaters.  I don't ask for much, because I already have everything I need and want.  I was just thinking about all of the wonderful blog friends I have in my life, and how much I would love to get them all presents to show how much they mean to me.  So here are cute little items I think the blogger in your life (like me) would love for Christmas.

image from Crystal Faye
As you might have noticed, bloggers love coffee.  Therefore, a coffee mug would be perfect for a blogger.  I have been obsessing over this mug from Crystal Faye forever.  It's absolutely adorable.

Bloggers love having notebooks to jot down ideas for blog posts. Plus, they tend to be pretty organized. May Designs has the cutest notebooks that you can customize to your liking. I'm obsessed with the cross stitch navy design.

Image from Kate Spade
I'm not entirely sure why, but we LOVE Kate Spade.  I know why I do (hello, Kappa Kappa Gamma sister), but I've never fully understood the obsession.  Jk I do, her stuff is perfect.  I love this iPad folio.  Seriously, it's perfect.  Too bad it wouldn't fit well with the keyboard that I eventually want to own.

Image from Fifth and Mae
Leggings are the most comfortable choice when you're sitting on your computer catching up on your favorite blogs, or frantically posting because you forgot to write a Monday post.  Actually, they're just always a great choice.  There are so many cute winter leggings out right now, like these from Fifth and Mae.

Image from Emily Ley
 As I said before, we're organization nuts.  I love making to-do lists.  Um, hello... This is cute and personalized.  Obviously I love it.  Also check out the Simplified Planners.  I want one so badly.  Too bad it's $56.  If only college students had that kind of money.

What are your ideal blogger gifts?

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  1. I love that first mug! It's adorable.

    xoxo Jenny

  2. I just bought my friend the gold monogrammed Anthro mug and I'm completely lusting after one for myself even though I have the original one haha great list!

  3. I do love Kate Spade, and just posted a gift guide entirely of Kate Spade things (all under $100), but I usually don't post my wishlist until December. But I love the idea behind this one, it's so cute.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  4. I love the blogger mug! Its perfect!