Fears We've All Had at Some Point

10:03 AM

Let's face it... everyone has different fears.  I am terrified of anything with too many or too few legs, especially worms and house centipedes.  I'm also pretty afraid of dying.  But there are some, albeit irrational, fears that I guarantee everyone has had at some point.  Seriously, at least one of the fears on this list has to be something that has crossed your mind even if it was only once for a brief minute.

1. I'm going to be alone forever.  Yes, we have all had that moment of fear.  It comes in different forms.  Some people try to deny it by saying that they would prefer cats anyways.  Some people make a list of reasons as to why it's actually better to be #foreveralone.  Some people just cry into a carton of Ben and Jerry's.  Like me, Some people do all of the above.  At the end of the day when you really think about it, there are people out there who were never expected to have a significant other.  Yet they do.  You can't be nearly as bad as them, right?  So you HAVE to end up with someone, right?

2. Your life is about to turn into a scary movie. Admit it... One of these scenarios has happened to you. A) You watched When a Stranger Calls and then babysat within the next few days. You nearly peed your pants when the phone rang. And it said unknown. B) You have checked the shower curtain when going to the bathroom. C) You've heard a strange noise and known better than to check it out. In fact, you just don't acknowledge it. You close your eyes and pull the blankets over your eyes.

 3. That you slept through your alarm.  This one has to be the most common, especially for people like me who would sleep through several alarms with no problem.  This results in me not only missing obligations, but also waking up in a panic several times throughout the night.  Each time I startle myself awake and then check my phone as quickly as possible.  Each time it's usually some obscure moment in the night (i.e. 3:29) or it's like 5 minutes before I have to wake up.  Not cool.

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  1. #1 is my biggest fear, I turn into a ball of anxiety whenever I think about never getting married, having kids, spending holidays alone...I mean I love cats and all, but they're not nearly as fun to shop for!

  2. Number one is my biggest fear-however the thing to remember is that we're young and have plenty of time to find that someone.