Do you believe in a soul?

2:27 AM

If I had to choose between listening to my heart or my head, I would tell them both to shut the hell up because I would rather listen to my soul. This is a very abstract idea, especially when you think about the very notion of a soul. Merriam Webster has several definitions for the word, and I believe even they do not fully explain the concept of a soul. It is an intangible essence that science cannot prove or disprove. It is an explanation for life across many cultures.

By combining the Merriam Webster definitions, I would like to propose an understanding of the soul. It is the emotional, moral, and spiritual essence in a person (or even the entire universe) that guides us. It makes us whole, and it lives forever.

I believe it is that aching feeling I notice when making difficult choices. It whispers "keep going" when I try to hold back, but shouts "not that far" when I push too hard. It is both the thoughts that keep me awake at night and the comforting reassurance that lulls me to sleep after several restless hours. It keeps the peace between emotion and practicality, even when it stirs them up. It is that "calling" I feel, a major influence on my future. It is a balance between helping myself and others, myself and the universe, even the different sides of myself. It is my instinct, one which I trust very deeply. When it leads me astray, it also provides a push in the right direction. It is the ability to meaningfully experience the world and to appreciate the beauty in life. It is all of this and so much more.

It is not something everyone believes in. It is not something that is interpreted the same amongst people. It is not something I will necessarily always believe. It is what I believe now. I do wonder if anyone else feels the way I do, or similarly. I know other people believe in souls, but I wonder what kinds of people and what their take on the matter is.

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