Finals Week is a Lifestyle

11:17 AM

Well, this post was supposed to go up yesterday.  In fact, I thought it did go up yesterday.  But no, there it was sitting in my draft file... Good job, Samantha.  Only 4 days into Blogmas and I've already slipped up a bit.  Oops.

The thing is, finals week actually changes my entire lifestyle.  I find myself more organized, more focused, and more stressed than usual.  At the same time I have no clue where anything is, I can't focus for more than 5 minutes at a time, and I just don't give a damn.  It's the one time of the semester that I feel hopeful and completely hopeless at the same time.  Now that I think of it, finals week turns me into a walking contradiction.  So what does my finals lifestyle look like?

It looks like lots of sticky notes, note cards, and study guides.  It looks like reminders on my phone, marked up planner pages, and Google calendars on my laptop.  It looks like cups of coffee and cans of Cherry Coke.  It looks like yoga pants and letters shirts.  It looks like waking up early and going to bed late.  It looks like trying to balance healthy eating and exercise with comfort food.  This year it looks like vitamin C and tissues.  It looks like wondering where the semester went and being so glad it's almost done.  It's Christmas music in my headphones and sweaters piled around my bedroom.  Does it sound unappealing and chaotic?  Good, it's supposed to.

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