1:49 AM

On her face there is a look of pure determination and complete confusion.  She walks with an air of confidence tainted by years of self-doubt.  When she smiles, you can't quite tell if it's out of genuine happiness or polite acceptance of social norms.  Her words are often carried by a cadence of uncertainty, but she always knows exactly what she's saying.  She has no clue where she's going, but she knows that she has to get there.  She truly believes that honesty is the best policy, but she feels that she shouldn't speak her mind because many people think her blunt attitude is "bitchy".  Her thoughts keep her up at night so she spends the day dreaming instead. She is stuck between loving herself and hoping to change.  Sometimes she feels that it isn't worth trying because her best is never good enough for some people.  Her deep thoughts are covered by blank stares.  She is someone who refuses to ask for help because she doesn't want to seem weak.  She seeks acceptance, but doesn't want to feel dependent.  Her good intentions are often covered by her bad habits.  She is thankful for everything in her life, and she feels truly blessed.  Regardless of her imperfections, she is proud of who she is.  Yes, I am talking about myself.  I wanted to look at myself from an outside point of view, and this is what I believe other people see as compared to who I feel I am.  I believe that my outward appearance and inner personality are fairly different.  Sometimes it is difficult to truly convey who I am to people who only know me through my blog.  Please know that I absolutely love who I am.  I do fully believe that I have room to improve, but I am happy with where I am as of now.  By thinking about how I come across to other people and considering what I actually want to convey, I will be able to create a more accurate and desirable public image.  That is one thing I want to work on in 2014.  I want to create a positive image of myself while also maintaining who I am.

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