Recent Obsession: Antlers

12:58 AM

Maybe it's because of all of the Christmas movies I've been watching, but for some reason I am absolutely obsessed with deer antlers.  I've seen them on shirts, jewelry, as home decor, and I love every style.  My favorite is definitely the antler rings, but that might be because I also adore rings lately (I'm wearing four right now).  I got an adorable deer print henley shirt from Target for Christmas, and it, along with the Christmas movies, inspired this post.  I think that all of the bird prints and fox prints I've seen are adorable for winter as well.  The only problem with the fox prints is that anyone who sees it immediately starts asking me what the fox says, and I don't have a good answer to that question.  As for the bird print, you'll probably see another obsession post before winter is over!

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  1. I love how "in" antlers are right now! My dad & brother love deer hunting and I was able to find so many cute things for them this Christmas with antlers on it that they loved! I got a henley with a polar bear print on it that I am borderline obsessed with!

  2. I'm seriously loving that antler ring. Freaking cute.