Sh*t my Roommate's Dog Does

5:21 PM

If you've been around the past couple of months or if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you know who Franklin is.  He's the little squirrel/mountain goat/chihuahua/Maltese mix that I love to death. He, like any other furry little non-human, likes to do strange things. Even though he does these silly little things, he is the perfect pup. He is loving and sweet and he is just the absolute best dog to be around when you're in college. Especially when you can't be around your dog at home. But anyways, he still does weird things...

Like use my roommate's shoe as a toilet. Yep, he actually managed to shit in a shoe. Don't worry, he's also peed in my bed.

He likes to bury his food if he can.  He will do this in my blanket by using his nose to nudge the blanket over the food.  Don't worry he comes back to it.  Damn squirrel...

Speaking of food, he likes to grab one piece out of his food bowl at a time and take it somewhere else to eat it.  Right now his food bowl is in his mama's room.  He keeps running in there, grabbing one piece, and sprinting back out to my blanket to eat it.

He will climb you.  Doesn't matter if he's using you to get on the couch or just wants to sit on your back.  He scales you like Mount Everest.  He once jumped onto my chest while I was doing bridges so he could lick the sweat off my face during a Blogilates session. Because he is in fact part goat.

He steals underwear.  He especially likes to drag it into the living room. His favorite Is worn thongs. Especially if they're black. He's a slut.

When he gets in trouble, he crouches as low as he can to the ground and bends in half to look at you. He also tends to run sideways like a damn crab. This "dog" has no freakin' clue what he is.

At a random time of the night, he decides he really needs to spaz the f out and run everywhere as fast as he can. Like seriously? It's 11:17 at night... How the hell do you possibly have energy?!

He jumps off of everything. Most dogs would know to brace themselves and bend a little. NO. He flings himself off the couch as hard as possible with his legs stretched out as stiff as can be. I've watched him land on his face. His face. Like I understand he's a dog, but COME ON. Protecting your face is instinct!

He doesn't really react to anything. Seriously, we make him twerk. We Simba him daily. We squish his face. Put his hair in ponytails. He likes it, okay?!

This goofy ball of fur keeps us entertained and keeps us from going crazy. He's such a sweet comfort after a long day, and he will always be there to kiss your face. Or toes. He doesn't discriminate.

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  1. Hahaha this is hilarious. My mom's dog is psycho like that too...but I love him. :)

  2. He is adorable! And sounds like quality entertainment, the food thing is especially weird!