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If you're anything like me, you think college textbooks cost too much.  You're sick of paying $500 at the beginning of the semester, just to get $5 back at the end of the semester.  Stop buying your textbooks!  Instead, rent them for 40%-90% off the sale price.

Does this sound appealing?  Then check out!  I've used this company before, and they are amazing!  My order was processed and shipped within just a couple of days, and they arrived in excellent condition. Plus, shipping was free both ways!  They send your books with a prepaid package for you to return your books.  You don't have to worry about selling your books back or having them on your shelf forever.

If you're staring at some old textbooks on your shelf thinking, "Darn I wish I would have rented those books..." then don't even worry! also has an amazing company called  You send them your books, they rent them out, and you get paid.  Awesome, right?  You can even look up your textbook to see an estimate of how much you might make!

The best part about this company is that for each textbook that is rented, part of that money goes to Operation Smile.  This provides life-saving surgery for children born with a cleft.  Without this surgery, these children are at risk of death.  Those who survive often have trouble speaking or eating, and they are often stigmatized.  As mentioned, this can be fixed!  So think of it like this: you have to get your textbooks anyways.  Why not save money while also donating money?

Jessica Millar, student volunteer. Image from Operation Smile
* I was compensated for this post, but every opinion expressed is my own.  I care deeply about my readers and only feel comfortable promoting companies/products that I truly support.

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