College Time Management

8:58 PM

In case you didn't know, I'm obsessed with organization and planning. I think it's so important in any aspect of life.  I've had several people tell me that I always seem like I have everything together and that they admire my organization and time management.  I thought I would share a few tips about how I manage my time.

folder for syllabi: or if you're me, just fold them in half and put on a paper clip.  The more organized individual will keep these neatly in folders.  Highlight important dates and then immediately put them in your planner and electronic calendar.

planner for important dates: if you don't have a planner, I don't know how you've survived college.  You need this to keep track of class, meetings, and assignments!  It helps some people to color-code their obligations.  I like to separate class, meetings, assignments and appointments.

Google calendar: I also like to keep important dates in my Google calendar. This is especially helpful for two reasons: 1) what if I lose my planner? and 2) you can sync the calendar to the calendar on your phone. Also, the answer to question one is that I would die.

to-do list: i like to keep a notepad of some sort in order to jot things down as I think of them. If I don't, I usually forget for quite some time before I finally awaken at 3:00am thinking, "Oh, that's what I was supposed to do!" If you tend to lose things, keep an electronic list. Sticky notes work just as well!

goals for different time periods: to set goals that you'll actually achieve, they must be realistic and detailed. I try to make separate lists of goals that need to be accomplished during different time periods. My time periods are daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term. Put these somewhere where you can easily access them and will frequently see them.

Hopefully these are helpful!  I'm always looking for new ways to get my life together, so please share any tips with me!

P.S. I'm obsessed with my new Foray pens from Office Depot.  They're making me even more excited about my to-do list and planner.

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  1. teach me how to be THAT organized por favor

  2. Great organizational tips! Being organized in college is such a necessity!!