Let it Snow!

3:46 PM

I have a confession.  Up until, maybe yesterday, I hated snow.  I hate being cold, I hate being wet.  The combination was my version of hell on earth.  Being in Illinois and seeing how beautiful it is has changed my mind.  Mostly because I stay inside and just look at it from a distance.  I even went out and played in it for a little while.  Of course I refused to put on a coat, because that doesn't make for a good picture.  Oh, and gloves.  Silly me has been in the south for so long that I forgot that snow freakin' burns if you hold it without mittens...
I have to head back to Chapel Hill tomorrow (because dropping out is frowned upon), and I'm pretty upset about it.  Yes, it'll be nice to get back into a routine.  Yes, I do need to get back into classes.  Yes, I do miss my friends.  But I'm going to miss Illinois.  I'm going to miss my family.  I love how beautiful this state is, and I adore how friendly everyone here is.  This is the closest thing I've had to a permanent home, thanks to life as an Army brat.  I'm twenty, and I finally feel like I'm home when I visit my family.
There is something so peaceful about the snow.  Something that reminds me to just step back and enjoy life.  Appreciate every change in the weather, no matter how cold it makes you.  It's inspiring.  I know that no matter how many inches of snow fall outside, they will eventually melt.  This leads to another kind of beauty.  It's natures way of telling you that life goes on.  It does not simply stop because of obstacles in the way.  In a few months, flowers will bloom again.  So for now, let it snow.  It's a different kind of beauty than flowers and sunshine, but it is beautiful nonetheless.
Tonight I'm going to enjoy my last night with my family before March.  I'm going to eat tons of Chinese food, I'm going to drink hot chocolate, and I'm going to snuggle up in front of the fire.  I'm just going to relax and appreciate everything around me.

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  1. Aw enjoy your last night at home! I hate snow. But. it looks pretty (always). Except were getting snow tonight and its going to ruin all my plans tomorrow so Im like freaking out.

  2. I've lived in IL my entire life. I am fond of the snow that lingers on the trees and is perfectly white. (Like the 18 inches we just got yesterday!) I'm glad you like the land of Lincoln.