My Favorite Addict!

4:15 PM

Hey y'all, last night I took a Greyhound to Georgia to spend time with my best friend and her baby.  Paige, being the wonderful friend she is, has this lovely introduction post for you guys!  If you don't know or follow Paige, the Sticky Note Addict, then you are truly missing out!  Thanks Paige, you're such a doll!

Hi all! I'm Paige from Sticky Note Addict. Where I blog about tackling college, life and the perfectly organized desk... one sticky note at a time. 

I'm addicted to corgis, if that wasn't easy enough to tell. My corgarita makes frequent visits to the blogosphere I also have a deep, undying love for Target's Dollar Spot and new stationary. 

I'm a sophomore in college right now, at one of the best darn public schools in the world! I love Chapel Hill and everything about it, even after a year or so of serious struggling to get used to it here. I'm in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication studying advertising, and I also like to dabble in political science. And of course, I'm the Online Managing Editor at the Daily Tar Heel — THE best student newspaper in the nation.

A few things I am not? I am not artistically minded or crafty. I would rather buy than DIY. I am not a free spirit. I am not terribly prompt. I am not the girl with perfect hair and perfect skin (I actually wake up looking like lightning struck me.) I am not attentive and I am not a good listener. 

But I am always on the search for the perfect pen. (I haven't found it yet. But I'm using a pretty awesome Papermate pen right now.)

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