Want to know about my Friday? No? Too bad...

1:36 AM

Let me set the scene for this post. Picture me, at 5:30am in my typical sorority girl uniform. Yoga pants, cowgirl boots, event t-shirt, crest pullover, and an infinity scarf. Oh, don't forget the North Face. I'm freaking out because my phone is already down to a 89% battery life, and what happens if it doesn't make it to 6:40am when my plane leaves?! Don't worry, I was distracted by this NDE (near death experience) by all of the men in uniform. 

I crossed my fingers hoping one would sit by me. Instead my companion for the flight was a 50ish woman reading an adult novel. Awesome. I turned my phone on airplane mode, and just waited for the flight attendant to bring me a damn Coke. I'll just check my email. No wait, no Internet. Eh, that's okay because I have a Bloglovin app...that requires...Internet. K, cool NOW I'M ANGRY AND I NEED EVERYONE TO KNOW. Too bad Twitter also requires wifi. I decided to use SnapChat to spread the message of my disappoi-... F#$% this, I give up.

Land in Detroit. Charge phone. Board plane. Sit by weird girl who somehow managed to look just as bad as me. I thought this meant we could be friends. Wrong.

"Hey, how are you?"
*blank stare*

... I'll just go ahead and assume you want literally nothing to do with me. In that case, wake me up when the Coke is here. Except joke's on her because she fell asleep and I refused to wake her. I hope she learned her lesson.

Raleigh. Finally. OMG MY BIG IS HERE! Heck yeah, let's go get sushi and hibachi. Jk it didn't happen like that. It was more along the lines of "I don't know, where do you want to go?" "Well I haven't eaten all day, so I'm fine with anything..." "Yeah me too..." Anyways, we eventually made it to lunch and then...

To Target. Where we went in for toilet bowl cleaner and left with chips, yogurt, shampoo, nail polish (because Essie), dried cranberries, coffee creamer, and LORD KNOWS WHAT ELSE! Don't worry, we looked at shoes and stationary and phone cases too... Oh shit. Starbucks in the Target. HA, like we would ever pass up Starbucks... Salted caramel mochaaaaaa. Uh, grande. Hold the whip. My new year's resolution was to eat healthier.

Wait, TJ Maxx? Yes. They have Kate Spade?! OHMYGOD YES SHE'S A KAPPA! Oh... Can't afford this perfect purse that I would sell my soul for... Cool... I'm going to sulk and think of how to obtain a sugar daddy before some non-Kappa tries to buy the purse. Beeyotch... Oh yeah, they have stationary here too! I don't need a notebook, but as a blogger/college student/girl do you ever NOT need a notebook? Hmmm I like all three of these. And these thank you notes. Oh, put them all back. I must be an adult now.

And then I walked out of TJ Maxx hating grown-up life, wishing I had spent $200 on the most perfect Kate Spade bag ever. Still in my cowboy boots, still with my Starbucks, still clutching my Lily Pulitzer-covered iPhone.

I was that girl...

Unpacking turned into I need to reorganize my entire closet... That turned into needing to reorganize my entire life. So now my clean sheets are on the floor because I gave up one-third of the way through cleaning. Oh, and my life is still a mess.

And then I blogged about it. The end.

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  1. I think I may have just read a story about my life. Haha, we are way to similar. I go through the same thing when shopping: Oooh, I like this. No, put it down, you're on a budget. But I can start my budget tomorrow. NO! Don't buy it.

    It's a curse, let me tell you. And I do the same thing when cleaning too. One day I'll decide I need to get my shit together, but then I'll stop right in the middle haha. At any rate, glad you're back in NC safe!! Have a great spring semester (:

    xoxo, Taylor
    The Love Life

  2. target and tj maxx = the places to go for one thing and come out for a bunch of other things..haha. Have a great semester!

  3. Target and TJ Maxx are both great! TJ Maxx is hit or miss though, you have to catch them on a good day!