Happy Love Day!

9:00 AM

True or false? Samantha is somewhat in love with all holidays, regardless of how commercial. 

If you answered true, you know me so well. If you answered false, you were wrong... that's all there is to it. My obsession with holidays doesn't stop for Valentine's Day. I don't think it's useless, and I don't think it's strictly romantic. I think any holiday can serve as helpful reminders during in our bustling, chaotic lifestyles. Should there be a certain day that everyone expresses their love to their significant other? No. But maybe you've been distracted and you just need a reminder to make time for your loved ones.  Also, does it have to be a day just to celebrate romantic relationships?  No.  Love comes in many different forms.
Relationships of all kinds are important and should be celebrated. That's why I used Tiny Prints, Treat, and Emily McDowell Designs to purchase Valentine cards. Obviously I also used this an excuse to purchase adorable holiday-themed stamps. Using Tiny Prints, I customized gorgeous photo cards for my blog friends. I wanted to show a little "blog love" to some of my best blog friends.  These ladies have shown me so much support over the past few months, and it's the least I can do to say thank you.
I received an email from Treat that included a coupon code for a free Valentine's Day card, which came just in time!  I was just about to purchase a card for them when I checked my e-mail.  They have plenty of cute designs for every holiday and every person. I also purchased a card from Emily McDowell Designs for my boyfriend that perfectly reflects our relationship and my personality.  Of course I included a Starbucks card, because I might as well fuel his addiction.
I'll also be celebrating this Valentine's Day by pampering myself to show some myself some love after a busy week.  In addition, I'll be volunteering with Helping Paws and going to a cocktail with my sorority.  So many different kinds of love on such an adorable holiday.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Awww, that's so sweet to volunteer!
    Happy valentines day. c:


  2. yes! holiday stamps are the best part about sending mail!

  3. Um, I want that last card. hahaha. So good! Thanks for sharing it!