Hello there, Hell Week

8:30 AM

Yep, it's midterm week.  Or hell week.  Whatever the proper term is.  The point is, there's only one way to survive this collegiate form of hell... and that would be making lists that will never get done.  Also, comfort food doesn't hurt.  (Hello there, Chipotle and Wendy's.) Oh, and you should also scold yourself for putting off that reading. Now you have to read all 547425 pages because they will be on the exam. Well, not really... Just the details that are not only irrelevant to class, but also to life in general.

But really, am I the only person who thinks that writing your exam date in your planner and making a to-do list is actually 90% of the War on Exams?  Because there's that whole "studying" thing, but I'm never really good at that... I make study guides, but Lord knows I'll print them out and just highlight every freakin' word on there because it's all important.  If it wasn't, I wouldn't have put it on said study guide.  Flash cards... Well, I make them... In fact, they're usually intricately decorated and then painstaking detailed. And then I never look at them again.  I just throw them in the recycling bin and pat myself on the back for saving the world one useless study technique at a time.

And then there's those midterms that are actually papers.  Ew.  I don't want to spend time researching a topic I know nothing about, just to write a paper that only sounds decent thanks to Word's ability to find a great synonym.  I'll probably spend more time figuring out which font is bigger or trying to incorporate lessons from Mean Girls rather than actually writing the 5-7 pages.  Also, is that 5-7 pages before the header and title?  Or after? 

Please keep in mind that I'm actually a great student and I've done pretty well in college.  This is just what we all go through some days.  We realize that midterm week kind of sucks, and sometimes you just need to eat instead of study.  Whatever.  Just go nom.  You deserve it for writing that header on your paper (AKA 1/10th of the first page).

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  1. I can't live without my to do lists, most of the time I don't follow them, but I have to have them nearby or I can't focus. Good luck with your midterms!