Love Yourself First

3:48 PM

If I saw this quote even a few months ago, I would have completely ignored it.  If I acknowledged it at all, it would have been to critique it.  I didn't understand how I was expected to love myself if everything in my life wasn't just right... if everything about me wasn't just right.  How can anyone else expect that of me?  Over the past few months, I've truly worked on focusing on myself.  I stopped worrying about what was just right and instead focused on everything that felt right.  Because let's be honest, does anyone really know what the hell "just right" means anyways?  I took a step back and re-examined my life.  I realized that this quote is completely accurate, even though I wasn't quite sure how to put it in words.  Instead of surrounding myself with people and things that would make me happy, I realized that I needed to allow those people and things to surround me when I finally became happy.  That's what I did, and I am truly happy.  I feel like this is the realest version of myself that I have ever experienced, and I have myself to thank for that.  Not that other people don't add to my happiness, but because I have allowed them to.  I have finally become myself, and I let others share in that experience with me.  The people who are drawn to me are the people who I wish to attract.  The opportunities I have are a result of loving myself, of being happy, and of becoming myself.  Once I learned to love myself properly, I learned to love others properly as well.  I learned what opportunities would be best for me.  I learned what situations to avoid.  I'm still learning; I'm constantly learning.  Things might fall apart at some point, but I have faith that if I continue to love myself then things will always fall back in place.  For that reason, I will keep loving myself.  I will surround myself with wonderful people.  I will strive for the best opportunities I can have.  I will do all of this because while everything is falling into place, everything needs a foundation and support.

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  1. That's so true. I think it's important to put you first, and i think that self love is very important. Great post!

  2. This is so beautifully written. It's so important to love yourself, and once you do that's a huge part in being satisfied with your life and just overall being happy. Glad that you were able to do that!