Playing Dress-up

9:00 AM

I'm clearly no fashion blogger, and I'm definitely not a mommy blogger so you might be wondering what I mean by "playing dress-up". Well, I'm a huge fan of accessories for your technology. That's why I asked for an iPad keyboard for Christmas, used an Office Depot gift card for a tablet stylus, and searched frantically for an iPad sleeve that would fit over my iPad and it's keyboard.
As any woman would do, I began the search on Etsy. It didn't take long before I fell in love with Studio Papilio. In fact, I've posted about the shop's products before. I contacted the shop owner about my hope to find a sleeve that would fit over both my iPad and it's keyboard. The shop owners, husband and wife, asked for my iPad and keyboard information, had the sleeve made in the pattern I selected, and had it shipped from Bulgaria within a few days. It arrived within two weeks, even though there were several snowstorms occurring worldwide.
Between the wonderful assistance, quick service, and dazzling products, there is also quality. I received my iPad sleeve and fell in love with the beautiful colors and design. The sleeve fits perfectly over my iPad and case, and it is more gorgeous in person than it was online. I often carry my iPad around campus instead of putting it in my backpack just so I can show it off.  I adore the matching button that is used to secure my iPad in the sleeve, as well as the pocket on the front.  If you are looking for a sleeve for your tablet or laptop, I highly recommend Studio Papilio.

I received compensation for this post, but all opinions expressed are completely my own.  Seriously, I'm freakin' obsessed with this iPad sleeve.

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