5 great health apps

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Anyone who knows me is thinking "LOL Samantha is pretending to be healthy". Here's the thing: I love Chick-Fil-A nugs and I'll probably never run a mile in under nine minutes, but that doesn't mean I don't understand health. As I've mentioned before, I have used my skinniness as an excuse to be unhealthy. Quite honestly, I am sick of it. I'll never give up nugs, but i think it will make a difference to be more aware of my dietary and exercise habits. That being said, I've been using five apps daily to help me monitor and improve my health. 
WATERLOGGED // Paige blogged about this app, and I fell in love. I have always been terrible about drinking water. Coffee and Dr. Pepper just taste better. Waterlogged actually encourages me to drink water just so I can fill my water bottle graphic on the app so it can tell me I'm wonderful.

MYFITNESSPAL // I eat healthier when I have a visual, tangible account of my meals and snacks. myfitnesspal allows you to track your caloric intake by adding numbers manually, searching a product, or scanning a barcode. It also allows you to track how many calories you burn through exercise. I also like that you can interact with people on the app, kind of like a social media for your health.

SLEEP CYCLE // I have always had problems sleeping. When I saw an app that was supposed to help me sleep for only $0.99, I jumped on the opportunity. You turn on the app, place your phone on your bed, and it uses your movements to track your sleep quality. Then it wakes you up at the best possible time within a specific time range to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed. I've used it for a couple weeks, and I love it!

UP COFFEE // Speaking of drinks yummier and more caffeinated than water, UP Coffee is the go-to app for those who are curious about how their caffeine intake is affecting their life. You enter your weight and height when you set up the app, and then it does the rest for you! Simply record how many beverages you have to see how it will affect your sleeping habits. Plus, it has a cute design!

PACER // I refuse to buy a pedometer, but I'm always curious about how much I am walking. I downloaded this app to finally check it out. The only problem is that I always forget to turn it on when I start walking. It basically looks like I sit around all day. Actually, I do.

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  1. I LOVE SleepCycle. Whenever someone asks me what apps to download that's the first one I recommend. Best 99 cents I've ever spent! I am really curious about the UP Coffee one! Definitely going to check that out!