College Resources

12:18 AM

Insert pointless photo because I thought it was pretty, thanks to my iPhone and VSCOcam.

The past two days have been full of business tips and college resources. On Tuesday I attended an information session about business networking. I heard some things I've heard before, such as shaking hands with your right hand. I also learned some valuable tips and tricks, like wearing your name tag on the right side so it's easier to see while shaking hands or carrying around student business cards to hand to potential employers. 

Yesterday I attended an etiquette dinner. I can honestly say that I think this event alone will make a huge impact on my ability to leave a positive first impression on potential employers during situations in which any type of food is provided. Even during a reception in which light snacks are provided, I believe I am well on my way to being a well-mannered student.

If your university offers programs like these, take advantage of them. Check out your university department's websites for help resources. Our writing center offers handouts about writing styles for different courses, and also allows students to upload papers to be edited and returned online. Academic advising has worksheets online for every major, so you know exactly which courses you need to take. They also have advice by year or special advice for transfer students. The career services website has links to organizations and businesses that are hiring. There are also in-person resources that are extremely helpful. Need help with your precalculus? There's a math lab that offers extra help for free. There are always information sessions or career fairs on campus.

My point is, there are so many wonderful resources on campus that can help you become a better student and a well-rounded individual. Take advantage of these opportunities now! You'll be ahead of your competition when you graduate, and people will be so impressed by you.

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