Dealing with Negative Feelings

12:00 AM

Let me preface this post by stating the obvious: I am not a professional. If you are experiencing emotions that are seriously interfering with your life or relationships, then I suggest talking to a professional who can properly and personally advise you.

Being a college kid, I get it; I know that life can be stressful. Stress seems to begin once we are born, and it changes as we grow. Sadly, life doesn't always slow down when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or upset. In fact, sometimes you might feel as if everything just keeps getting worse or as if everything bad has happened at the same time. Stress or sadness are natural emotions. They are not something we can avoid, but they are preventable and diminishable. Here are some suggestions on how to relieve and prevent stress.

find a technique that works for you. If exercise makes you miserable, it isn't going to be an effective form of stress-relief no many how many websites recommend it. Finding what calms you down and brightens your mood is a process, sometimes of trial-and-error. I found that writing often helps me relax when I am stressed, which is why I started my blog. Try out tons of different things, but don't stick to a stress-relief technique that actually stresses you out more.

surround yourself with positivity. Sometimes this also means distancing yourself from the not-so-positive people or things in your life. Go places that inspire you. See people who enliven you. Write lists of everything that makes you happy. I do that using an app on my phone. Even on the bad days, the app reminds me to reflect on the positivity of the day. 

take care of yourself. It is amazing how connected our minds and bodies truly are. What's even more amazing is how easy it is to neglect ourselves. By sleeping regularly, exercising frequently, and eating healthily you can not only manage and maintain your well-being, but also your mood. Track your meals and exercise with myfitnesspal. Download an app that monitors your sleep and provides personalized information regarding your habits. Do whatever you can to hold yourself accountable for your lifestyle.

When I start to feel "down", I try to immediately bring myself up. I'll take a few minutes to paint my nails and watch an episode of Parks and Rec. If I realize I'm still upset later that day or even a few days after, I adjust my lifestyle to see if that helps. If that doesn't help, I grab some Chick-Fil-A nugs and take a nap.

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