I Only Take A Carry-On

12:00 AM

Even when I went home for almost a month during winter break, I only packed a carry-on and my personal item.  If you think I'm crazy, you might be right.  Sorry, I refuse to pay $50 for taking my stuff with me to my parent's house...  So I will only be packing a carry-on for my 10 day spring break.  If you're curious to see photos of my process, I would be more than happy to provide them. I think the secret is putting larger, heavier items on the bottom and then stacking everything else.  I also fold my sweaters and place them on the very top.

Suggestions: Use a wristlet so you can easily access your ID card, money, or tickets. It's so much easier than digging through a purse.  I also like bringing an empty water bottle and snacks, so I don't spend a bunch of money at the airport.

How do you pack? 

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  1. I am the exact opposite of this and it is sooo bad! haha next week I am spending just one night away and have about 4 dinner outfits in mind, 2 or 3 bathing suits, and have an entire packing list just of makeup products I need (okay, want) to bring with me. I never even use 3/4 of the things I take with me, so I don't know why I continually bring so much. It's some sort of comfort I guess that no matter how bad it is, I can't live without!