Here's the Mail

6:00 AM

Please tell me that you were just singing the Blue's Clues mail song. My sister and I watched a lot of Blue's Clues when we were growing up, and I'm ashamed to say that's not the only song I remember. This is extremely off topic and exactly why I can't have nice blog posts. Like Blue and Steve, I get so excited about getting mail. I'm sure that will change once I start getting bills, but right now I love getting packages and letters. The best birthday ever would be one full of birthday cards and gift cards. Just a PSA: my 21st birthday is in 100 days. THIS STILL ISN'T THE POINT... The point is...  I've had such a great mail week! I received the Ame and Lulu tote that I won, and mom sent me an Easter basket full of wonderful goodies and this adorable Tervis Tumbler. We're a huge fan of tumblers, and I'm a huge fan of giraffes. Could you pick a better surprise? No? Didn't think so. Thanks mom! Also a huge thank you to citrus & style for hosting the Ame and Lulu giveaway. All of this mail talk makes me want to write some letters!

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