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I want to preface this post by saying that I am not always rainbows and sunshine.  I'm hard on myself from time to time, and I feel like it's so easy to get stuck on the negative.  Confidence and positivity are intimidating.  I often feel that if I state something positive about myself then someone will find a reason why I should not feel that way.  I don't want people to think I'm bragging about myself.  Today, I am bragging about myself.  I think everyone else should, too.

// I am a good friend, girlfriend, sister, and daughter.  I am a good student and a good employee.  I do everything that I can for the people I care about.  I'm not always perfect, but I do my best.  I think I get a little better at it all the time.  I could be wrong though.  Dad will be brutally honest in the comments section if he thinks otherwise.

// I make people laugh. I do what I can to tastefully lighten a situation. I focus on the individual, what they need, and their sense of humor. I do completely understand there are some times when people just want to be upset for a little while, and I read people to determine what kind of mood they're in. 

// When people ask me to do something for them or with them I try to do it, even if it's something I don't like or don't want to do.

// I'm very intuitive.  This year I have made an effort to listen more to myself, and I think it's working fairly well so far.  Sometimes I use it for evil ("Hmmm, but my body really wants nugs"), but most of the time I use it to make decisions and judge a situation.

// I have great taste in food.  Not fine dining, of course, but I have a knack for picking out the yummiest drink at a coffee shop or the entree on the menu at a new restaurant.  Mainly because I stick to the three main food groups: French fries, mac & cheese, and anything fried.  The best thing about being in the south is that mac & cheese is a vegetable.  We also have restaurants where corndogs are considered a side.

// I attempt to appreciate everything in life, even though it's difficult sometimes.

// I'm there for people.  I will return their phone calls or their texts as soon as I possibly can.  If they need to talk to me for half an hour, I'll push back my study time or my sleep schedule.  I'll do little things to show that I'm there for them.

I still have plenty to improve, but I'm proud of who I am.  I hope that some of you will join Natalie in her #inspirationmovement.  I have a feeling I have a lot to learn from all of you.
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