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Casey, the beauty behind Love & Waffles, posted yesterday about her love language.  I have always adored the idea of love and the many ways to communicate with people, hence my major in interpersonal communications.  Lately I've been a little obsessed with love, so I decided to take this quiz to figure out what my love language was.  According to this quiz, I feel most loved through quality time. Words of affirmation was a close second for me followed by physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts.  Basically, I really love when people spend time with me telling me that I'm pretty while they stroke my hair.  Also, I would love it if you run to Qdoba and buy me queso.  Perfect scenario that might actually be the definition of what romantics like to call "true love".  
Actually though, why is "feeding me while telling me that I'm pretty" not a love language? Oh, and that beautiful shirt is from Pebby Forevee.  I actually think this love language quiz was pretty accurate, at least for me.  I absolutely need people to be around me all the time to feel like I am loved, and I'm pretty happy when people reaffirm me.  I need to be constantly reminded of someone's love or friendship.  And yes, I occasionally force my mom to drop what she's doing to hug me.  I'm usually pretty to myself, but every now and then I have the urge to make everyone pay attention to me. What I thought was most interesting about this quiz is that it explains each love language to you as part of the results, and reminds you that the others are still important and should still be considered.  You still use these, they just aren't dominant.  It also suggests that you learn others' love languages and let people know what your love language is.  Which is exactly why I'm letting you know that my love language is quality time AKA eating queso together. 

If you want to discover your love language, then take this quiz!
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  1. Another Qdoba lover!! I just had it today - oops. Their queso is everything.