Red, White, Blue & Blue

11:46 PM

The weekend is over and that means it's Monday which means I have to do things.  Ew.  Make it stop.  I had a wonderful weekend, and I just didn't want it to end.  My weekends start on Thursday, and this Thursday I went to dinner with Paul, Paige, Bradley, and Mary Tyler.  We went to a wonderful sushi and hibachi restaurant where I basically wanted to die because I tried a Philadelphia roll.  I apparently do not like those.  Thankfully I love chicken hibachi.  This was also my first attempt at wearing palazzo pants.  Still not sure how I felt about them on me, but they were super comfortable. Oh, and I met Gatsby and nommed on frozen yogurt.  Successful way to start the weekend.
I have a confession: when I joined a sorority, one of the things I was most excited about was going to an event with a guy who I really care about. It's been fun to attend social events with friends, but I have always envied couples at events.  A couple of months ago, Paul and I officially started our relationship.  I immediately knew I wanted him to come to preformal and formal with me.  In fact, that was probably one of the first things I wanted to plan for us as a couple.  The idea of dressing up and hanging out with a significant other was so appealing to me.  This past weekend was formal weekend for the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.  The theme was Red, White, Blue & Blue.  Everyone dressed as 'Murican as possible for preformal, and then replaced their stars and stripes with heels and bow-ties for formal.  Actually, we basically just tried to look like the American flag on Friday night.  Saturday consisted of so many styles and colors of dresses and bow-ties.  Is this the part where I admit that my favorite part of the weekend was the food?  Or should I keep that to myself?

Basically, I spent the weekend with my favorite people.  We somehow incorporated all of my favorite things, which are apparently patriotism, foreign food, and puppies.  This week and weekend might be pretty busy and full of frozen dinners and running shorts, so I'm glad I got to have a fun and relaxing weekend of dressing up and eating non-frozen meals.
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  1. This all looks so fun and you and paul looked PERFECT. I totally know what your saying about being with your +1 and dressing up. Such perfect pictures come from it ;) Looks like you had a fab weekend.

    P.S I don't like philly rolls (anymore) either.