Roommates 101

6:00 AM

Most people have lived with someone else.  Let's face it: you aren't all going to have the same habits.  It might be cleaning, cooking, or just having friends over at inconvenient times.  You can get even, or you can one-up them.  Or you could just talk to them about it, but would just be too difficult.  Keep working on it and they'll get the hint and eventually adapt to you, kind of like the SmartBook.  Work smarter (not harder) to get your roommate to clean up their act.

“How to Fight Dirty and Outsmart your Repulsive Roommate”

"Get your rank roommate to clean up his act with some quick thinking and sneaky strategies. Too smart for an e-book? Don’t just work hard—work smart with SmartBook."

*This is a sponsored post, but everything I write is always my own.
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