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I am a creature of habit.  I also tend to be a night owl, because being an early bird means you can't sleep in.  The problem is that college doesn't always let you sleep in.  Being a creature of habit, it's been hard to get myself to go to sleep earlier than usual.  I finally figured out a routine that helped me out with this.  Each night I drink a bottle of Neuro Sleep, organize my planner and to do list for the next day, and use my Sleep Cycle app.

neuro sleep // a dietary supplement to help you sleep
I received two free cases of Neuro Sleep from Sumpto, and I'll admit that I was skeptical at first.  I wasn't sure that this would help me after years of trouble sleeping.  Now, I'm basically obsessed with it.  I drink about half a bottle every night while I'm finishing up my nightly routine. I fall asleep fast, and I usually stay asleep.  It tastes so good, so that's a huge plus.

Sleep Cycle // an app that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up.
Okay, I know this one might sound even stranger than the drink.  Sleep Cycle uses your sleep patterns to wake you up at the best possible time.  You set an interval alarm clock rather than a specific hour and minute.  I use a 30 time period, so Sleep Cycle wakes me up when I'm in my lightest stage of sleep during that 30 minutes.  I also love that Sleep Cycle has sleep aids so I can listen to a calming sound while falling asleep.  That, in combination with the neuro sleep, helps me fall asleep quickly.

organize and plan // keeps you stress-free
I don't need to explain this to you, but I do just want to say why I do it. It keeps my mind off of all of my stresses. If you realize that you can't get things done tonight, then get them out of your mind!

This is what I do to fall asleep, but obviously this might not help everyone.  Hopefully it helps at least one person.  What do you do to help you sleep?

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  1. I used to drink Neuro Sleep when I worked 3rd shift and it really helped SO much! I love that when I wake, I don't feel groggy like I usually do after Tylenol PM.

    Now that I'm back to day shift, I get up at 430a so I don't have a problem sleeping. If anything, my problem is I go to bed too early most nights.. haha. I don't know which one's worse or better!

  2. The app seems like a great idea, I'll have to see if they have for droids yet.