Spring Hoarding

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You know how most people participate in spring cleaning?  I've realized that as much as I love spring cleaning, I also love gathering up new items to stow away in my apartment until next spring.  You can't tell me you don't do this.  There are so many wonderful things that are just begging to be added to my collection of random stuff.  Spring is when a trip to Target and CVS happens, and the hoarding begins.  Because let's face it, spring cleaning means there is more room for other stuff you don't need.  Here's what I've been hoarding this spring.

one // shaving supplies
Warm weather means we get to wear shorts and dresses.  It also means that we should probably shave.  I've been looking into The Dollar Shave Club because razors are super expensive, and you know how I feel about expensive.  Just to clarify, a pack of Venus refills is basically the equivalence of like four iced nonfat vanilla lattes from Starbucks.  Priorities.  I will admit that I also love the idea of the Venus Snap razor.  Damn you, for taking my money.
two // clothing
There are so many adorable dresses and shoes out right now.  Also I kind of love loose, flowy tank tops.  Bonus points if they are not see-through, because apparently retail stores can't figure out any other way to make comfortable spring tops.  Anyways, the point is that Forever 21 and Target are going to see a lot of me within the next few weeks.  And I'm not even sorry about it.  I also think it's time to invest in a new pair of fake Jack Rodgers.  Ha, I said it. I wear Jack Rodgers knock-offs.  I would love a real pair, but I'm broke.  So there's that. Oh, and don't forget about bathing suits.

three // travel supplies
I'm under the impression that I travel a lot when it's warmer out.  Well, I don't even think that's true.  That doesn't stop me from buying every travel-sized toiletry known to man.  Baby shampoos and baby body wash and baby toothpaste.  Oh, and a huge thing of dry shampoo.  Because you just never know when you need that.  This is where the Venus Snap razor also comes into play again.  I also blame Sassy Steals for offering a portable phone charger.  Which I still don't have, which makes me really mad.  I better get that soon.

four // tumblers
You do need a different tumbler for every day of the week, obviously.  Preferably one from Lilly Pulitzer, one from Kate Spade, and probably also a Tervis.  Mason jars are also a complete necessity.  It's that time for daily sweet tea and iced coffee, so you can't possibly be seen drinking from the same tumbler every day.  You have an image to uphold.  Better get on Lifeguard Press and start ordering tumblers.
five // make-up
Spring colors and winter colors are not interchangeable.  You need pastel nail polish.  You need bright lipstick.  Bronzer and blush will be in your Longchamp at all times.  Do I even need to mention that you should probably also invest in a new foundation to match your glowing tan?  Which was also purchased at a drug store.  Preferably CVS.

Please tell me that I'm not the only person who hoards more stuff than they get rid of during spring cleaning?  I know I can't be.
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