Surviving Finals

6:00 AM

Yes, it's that time for finals.  I've been in the library all weekend, and I just can't wait for finals week to be over!  In case you were wondering, I have been surviving thanks to snack foods, iced coffee, and dry shampoo.  A cute hat can solve any hair issues during finals, and it will go well with your yoga pants or running shorts.  I've kept my classes divided into separate file folders, there are sticky notes everywhere, and I've made flashcards for just about every word you can imagine.  I have a ton of colorful pens to help me organize and outline my notes.  I'm strongly considering buying a couple bottles of neuro bliss to calm me down on exam days.  I use their sleep drink every night; it works like a charm!  I won an Ame and Lulu tote (more on this later) and it's perfect for carrying around books, my laptop, and everything else during finals week.
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