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Oh hey look, I tried to be artistic and make a quote thing...

Let me paint a picture of my weekend for you: I did nothing, I barely left my bed, and on Saturday I slept for 14 hours.  Oh, and I regret nothing.  Except wasting my days away in bed.  You wouldn't believe it it you knew how much time I spent on Netflix, but I hate feeling like I've completely wasted the day.  It actually gives me anxiety, because I'm actually that strange.  Have you ever seen the episode of The Office where Erin is supposed to pick up the pens for Pam and everyone tries a bunch of espresso flavors?  There's a part where she says, "I don't want to be a busybody, but I don't want to be a lazy bones."  That is actually my predicament.  I have this feeling of wanting to relax while I can, but sleeping for 14 hours straight is just excessive.  I want to do something every day that makes me excited to be alive.  I want to take advantage of every day.  I always have excuses for just staying in bed. I have nothing to wear, there's nothing to do, I'm broke as usual.  That's not an excuse!  Even if it's just going to the pool to lie out or taking a walk around campus, there is always something to do.  I'm almost officially done with junior year (one more exam stands in my way), and I want to make sure that my remaining time at UNC is not regretted or wasted.  I saw that quote in the bathroom during a final, actually, and it embarrassingly enough spoke to me more than anything has in a while.  I don't want to look back in a few years and think about how often I wasted my days in bed, doing absolutely nothing with my life.  I want to look back and smile because even if it only meant I took a walk, I did something with each and every day. 
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  1. I have definitely been using finals week as an excuse to eat crap and do nothing. I started watching Hart of Dixie on netflix less than a week ago and I am already well into season 2. At least finals week and therefore excuses go out the window in a couple days? Good luck with your last exam!

    xoxo Jenny

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Our semester just ended on Friday and on Saturday I slept almost the entire day away. When I woke up after Simeon got home from work, I had felt that I had wasted a whole day that I could have done wedding things, I mean I only had a week left how could I waste a whole day! But sometimes that just means that your body needed the rest so that it could go on. So that you can enjoy the summer and get a fresh start. :D