Over the Hump

12:13 AM

Ever have those weeks where you feel like the weekend will never end?  Yeah, it's been that kind of week.  Thank the lawd that hump day has come and gone, and I can almost see the weekend.  Sadly I won't be going anywhere this weekend, but that's okay.  I have plenty of time to do some assignments and get some cleaning done.  Last night my roommates and I finally went to Top of the Hill after months of talking about it.  As you can see from the picture below, I had a wonderful pasta dish.  I get this every time I go there.  I know I'm supposed to try new things, but I just don't want to...  If I know something is good, then why let it go?  Let me answer that: you don't.  Especially when it has delicious flavors.
My roommates insisted we take a picture, and I'm glad they made me.  We don't have a lot of photos together, and even though I knew this I was trying to resist.  I haven't been feeling too great the past couple of days, and it really shows in pictures.  Oh, so does any tiredness.  Especially when you're up until 2:00am because you're not feeling that great.  Wonderful combination, right?  You can see that proof below too.  I am still glad that they told me to take a picture with them.  They looked really cute!
We wandered into Walgreens because I insisted on buying a new contact lens case.  I didn't like their options (AKA they were out of the generic, cheap brand) so I opted for some nail polish instead.  I grabbed some mint and some jade nail polish, and decided that big girls use a top coat.  I think I'm obsessed with matte top coat.  I'm not a huge fan of the shine of nail polish, but I love the finishing touch that this adds to my nails.  I use a matte foundation (shout-out to Rimmel London and Influenster), and I think I'm just in love with matte.  I'm also really obsessed with these colors, even together.  So that was how I unwound after a long first-half of the week.  I think I'm ready to take on the next couple of days and the weekend.

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