Weekend Recap

12:00 AM

Last week was my first week of Maymester, and I loved it!  I don't know if I explained it or if you already know, but Maymester is a summer session that only takes place in May.  I have the same class everyday for about three hours.  I actually really enjoy this method, but I will admit that I was exhausted after this week.  I go to class for three hours, have an hour break, and then go to work for three hours.  I'm enjoying my class and I love where I work, so this isn't an issue for me at all.  I will admit that I was pretty exhausted Friday night.  I went to dinner and caught up with a couple of friends, and came back and slept until 11:00 the next day.  Saturday I woke up and hung out with MT all day.  We went to Lime (aka the actual best restaurant ever), grabbed some YoPo, and hung out with some pups.  Sunday was pretty unproductive.  I sat around doing homework, watching 30 Rock, and eating.  The usual.   It was just the weekend I need, though, and I'm ready to get back into 
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