Don't Worry, I'm Alive

11:55 PM

Well hey there, Blog World.  Have you missed me, because I have really missed you.  I guess I owe you a little bit of a life update.  And honestly, I can't really remember every detail of these past two weeks because... well you can't either.  Since the last time I blogged on 23 May, I finished up my first summer class.  I originally planned on visiting Paul and his family for Memorial Day weekend, but that didn't work out.  My roommate knew that I was upset about it, and got me a Kate Spade bag.  It was on sale for such a great price, and I couldn't wait to get it and pay her back for it.  She wouldn't let me, because she's just such a great person.  That Saturday I hung out with MT, and we had a great time eating Lime and playing with puppies and obsessing over fake flowers in Michael's.  We had a pool day the next day, which was a much needed day of relaxing and also pancakes.  Because after a hot day in the sun, you just need pancakes.  On Memorial Day Paul drove up to see me for the week.  We had a date night so he could get some sushi, and I never turn down Asian cuisine.  
After a great week in Chapel Hill, we drove to the beach to visit his family.  We went to the aquarium where I touched a bunch of little sea creatures and got to hang out with some butterflies.  Sunday was our beach date, and I loved getting to just lay out there and chat.  The outlets were having great sales so of course we had to check those out, and we ended the last day of my visit at a seafood restaurant with a great view.  Driving back up on Tuesday was bittersweet.  I love working and I love Chapel Hill, but I really loved being at the beach with my sweet boyfriend.  So now I'm here in Chapel Hill, being all pathetic and useless.
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