Life Update

1:35 AM

1. I'm still in Chapel Hill for the summer. I'm starting an anthropology class in a few days, and I'm still working at the library. It's been strange to be here without a ton of people and I'm still getting used to it, but I love taking summer classes.

2. Speaking of working, I'm hoping I'll have a second job soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I've been hoping to get a second job for a while now, but I haven't found something that will work.

3. My family is currently visiting! They're having quite the road trip, starting from Illinois to New York and then ending with a long drive from Georgia to Illinois.

4. Paul's birthday is coming up! This is the first time I've ever bought anything for a boyfriend. So far I think I'm doing fairly well. I'm also trying to think of something to celebrate six months in August, so let me know if you have some suggestions.

5. Speaking of August, I'll be in-between apartments for a couple of weeks so I'll be spending some time in Illinois and some time on the coast with Paul's family.

6. I finally got around to getting rid of some old clothing that I don't wear anymore. Hopefully that'll make moving into the new apartment a little easier, and help someone else out.

7. I'm considering cutting my hair and maybe dyeing it. Long hair just gets so boring after a while, and NC summers just doesn't work with my frizzy hair.

8. If you haven't tried Fruttare bars then do it right now. I'm addicted to the black cherry ones. I'm also living on ramen and Coca-Cola because I can. I think I might also be addicted to Sup Dogs. Please don't judge me.

9. My fall 2014 schedule has been such a pain. I can't get it exactly how I want it, and I've changed it around several times already. I can't believe it's going to be my senior year...

10. Since it will be my senior year I will be creating a bucket list for the year. Any suggestions?

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