283rd Birthday Weekend

10:44 PM

As much as I would love to fill you in with a bunch of pictures and a ton of unnecessary words about my weekend, I'm honestly just too exhausted.  I had a wonderful weekend, but it's only the end of Monday and my butt has been kicked by this week.  I'll just fill you in on the highlights of America's 283rd birthday weekend, which also happens to be the same as Paul's 20th birthday weekend.
Lilly Pulitzer, planner, agenda, organization, Hot Spot, giraffe
Oh hello there, Lilly Pulitzer planner.  As soon as I saw Hot Spot, I knew I had to have it.
road trip, car trip, Franklin, red lipstick
Franklin does not like car trips.
Fayetteville, Haymont Market House, Longchamp, palazzo pants
The downtown area of Fayetteville, where Paul and I grew up.
4th of July, golf cart, independence day
Ready for the neighborhood's golf cart parade.
4th of July, golf cart, independence day
Previously mentioned golf cart parade.
Ocean Isle, waterway, dock
The parade ended at this gorgeous waterway where they had a band, catering, and fireworks.
And then Paul's family adopted an 11-week-old male black lab.
His name is Inde (pronounced Indy), short for Independence.  And he's already spoiled.
And he's also the cutest puppy ever.
And Sunday I had a dinner date with this handsome man before my week got chaotic.  I'm so lucky.
 photo LifeYouLoveSignature.png

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  1. Your pictures are awesome! And the dog is too cute! Looks like you had a great weekend and I hope your week gets easier!

  2. I love your planner! The dog is adorable!
    Hope you have a good week and keep up with the awesome pictures!