Carpe Diem?

8:54 AM

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I make countdowns for everything. In fact, I have four going on right now. If you were wondering, there are 13 days until I fly to Illinois, 10 days until I turn 21, 8 days until I see Paul, and I get paid tomorrow. I also have a count-up that began the day Paul and I started dating. 164 days sounds like a lot more than 5 months. There is something so fascinating to me about time, and I guess countdowns are my way of trying to understand and contain it. Or I'm just really impatient and not at all philosophical. Let's go with that option...

I'm going to let you in on another secret: it annoys the hell out of me that I make so many countdowns. It's an awful habit to sit around waiting for something specific to happen while so many other things occur that are just as fabulous, if not better. I always expect certain days to be magical, so I spend my time waiting for them. The same thing happens every time: the day wasn't that great, and I end up regretting wasting the prior days. Christmas does not count because it is magical and everyone and their moms know it. Carpe diem is a lot easier said than done. Some days I try to get out there and carpe the hell out of some diem, but then the diem makes me tired and hungry so I just complain all day and hope for the next should-be-marvelous occasion. When that occasion sucks, I curl up in bed and mumble to my best friend (Netflix) about how much I hate everything while I drown my sorrows in popcorn.

Why can't I just live in the moment instead of waiting for the future?
During my 21st year (or did that already pass by the time I turn 21?) I plan on taking every chance I can to carpe some diem. I don't care if that means going outside and turning cartwheels by myself. I can't sit idly by and watch as my senior year of college and the age I've been waiting for quickly disappear. I'm not going to go crazy and go out and party every night. That just isn't my idea of fun. I just want to make sure I'm taking advantage of every minute I have on Earth and every second I have at this great university. Oddly enough, the impromptu J Cole concert showed me that this is something I am capable of. I may be an introvert, but that doesn't mean I need to be ridiculously lame and antisocial. I can still get out there and have fun doing things I never thought I would do. Worse comes to worse, it isn't for me and I try something new. So that's basically all I can hope for during the next year of my life: carpe-ing the hell out of some diem.

Can you tell I never took Latin? 

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  1. Love this post! I couldn't agree more, it can be very hard to just let go of everything and just have fun. I find it kind of like growing up- you're just so busy doing everyday life things, work, family, errands- that you forget how quickly time is passing and forget to enjoy every.single.second.
    So glad you have realized this a good 2 years earlier than I did, haha. Hope you have a great birthday!! :)

  2. I am the same! I'm always saying to my boyfriend do you realise its x days/months years since we got together/ I moved to Australia/ our birthdays etc!